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Oh, What to Wear ……. { Atlanta Canton Georgia Family Photographer}

November 2, 2010

I get asked  what to wear  the most out of all the frequently asked questions. It seems to be easier for children sessions but when its a family its a little different and more thought has to be put into it.

First of all I want you to be very comfortable and to feel your best . Wear what makes you feel confident and it will show in your pictures.    When your trying to coordinate some looks for more than  one try picking 3 colors and staying within that color palette or family of colors.  In the example below, you’ll see brown, burnt rust color, and a taupe heather grey. Notice not every color has to be on every person but just balanced throughout.  That’s not to say that some times this is the case but I want you to know it is okay if it doesn’t work out that way. It can be added in with accessories if needed.  Lay the clothes on the floor or on your bed and get a sense of whether they go well together. This will give you an idea of the cohesiveness  and if you need to change something. The family’s I photograph always pull it together and I think look great . This is just to help set you more at ease.

I love jeans  , I feel they always look good    with everything dressed up or casual chic !  Here are a few examples of some different looks for a fall family.  Feel free to insert a pair of boots with the dress instead of pumps  if your like me!  It’s all fun!

What to wear for fall ideas ~ Becci Photography


Dancing Dreams …………………………. { Atlanta Woodstock Georgia Children’sPhotographer}

October 31, 2010

I always look forward to seeing this little beauty. She is one of my  favorites and now I can hardly believe she is seven years old now. I first met her as I photographed her as the flower girl in a wedding .    As every girl dreams of being a dancer she showed me some of her precise and graceful ballet moves.  I see amazing potential for her!  She is so full of character, astonishing ,  and infectious with her many beautiful smiles!    I always  know we  are going to have fun no matter where we are.  Enjoy the sneak peak!

I love a girl who wears Boots!

I have so many favorites but there's something I really love about this one.

Happy Birthday month sweetie!

New little sister & big brother { Atlanta Canton , Georgia Children’s Photographer}

October 27, 2010

Meet Charlie the 3 month old pretty blue eyed girl and her big brother Brodi( AKA my son’s best friend).  They came over to have a session together.  They have been trying to get here since Charlie was a newborn however she had to wait until she was 3 months. She’s so adorably round with babiness .She was such a good girl too as her mom sang  her a favorite lullaby while she  smiled and loved  to hear her Momma’s voice.   Brodi and I had extra time later  while he played on the tire swing under the big oak tree in our front yard.   

Fall Family in Jasper Mountains { Jasper Atlanta Georgia Family Photographer}

October 20, 2010

I love the fall. Its probably my favorite season of all. How the weather changes slowly into a perfect  mix of coolness  and fresh crisp air.  It’s the beginning of excitement for what the season brings .  I especially love to take a drive with the family up to the mountains and do some pumpkin picking at Burt’s Pumpkin Farm and taste the delicious homemade pumpkin rolls .

This fall I was honored a request for family pictures of  a beautiful family living in Jasper  amongst the mountains .  Their home is tucked away remotely on a mountain with some of the largest pumpkins from Burt’s Pumpkin Farm.  This is the second time I’ve had a opprotunity to take their lifestyle session. They have 2 fun loving children that always make me laugh!  The first thing they did when I arrived was show me the art they painted on their pumpkins. They are at such a fun age for  playing in their tree house , climbing in the creek , hiking trails,  gathering  acorns , loving their 2 dogs, tickling, giggling, and so much more!  Thank you friends for the evening  and sharing  the tastiest barbeque in Georgia too!

Meet a New Lil’ Girl ……. { Atlanta & Seattle Newborn Photographer}

October 19, 2010

The  long awaited arrival of a sweet little newborn always seems to be anticipated by all.  This particular pretty little newborn arrival was extra special  because she is my little niece named after our grandmother who has meant so many things to me during my life.

I traveled  4 days after her arrival to north of Seattle amongst the San Juan Islands where I grew up  and of course  so excited to meet  Alice.  Wait until you see her hair! (Warning …some may be jealous!)  I enjoyed being with her and getting to know her,even the late night wakings!  It’s certain she has amazing  parents who very much adore her and think the world of her! (Keep up the awesome parenting! )

During the week,   we waited   for good light without the crispness of fall and nicer weather.   Everything worked out great even though it was a little breezy  but luckily for Alice  she is warm natured so she was perfectly fine in a cozy blanket once mom & I  walked her to sleep.  I believe this was the longest newborn session I’ve done at about 4 hours with her appetite.  It was worth every minute!

Your Auntie loves you Alice!


New Products & Frames { Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographer}

September 28, 2010

Hello!Want an easy way to have your pictures ready to hang ?

I’m excited to show a few ideas and  new frame products.  They are solid hardwood frames hand painted and slightly distressed  with or without inlay of curved or whimsical design . They come in many sizes starting in 8×8 with a 4 in wide frame. Other sizes will have 2 in wide Frame.

Available in 8 colors:

Vanilla Bean                                          Green Apple                            Black                     Girl Pink

Chocolate                                                 Barn Red                                Boy Blue

Here are a few ideas in a 10 x20 Sizing  ….


Vanilla Bean with raised Vanilla trim

Vanilla with Green Apple Whimsy Trim

Boy Blue Frame with Chocolate inset

A Star is born…….. { Atlanta Canton Newborn Photographer }

September 24, 2010

Sawyer  + Mom = Fun.  I could photograph little boys like this everyday.    This little guy is so  sweet and laid back .   I guess that’s why  he wanted to wait  until after his due date to say hello to the world. Well, he was definitely worth the wait.  At  9 days old here he is…..

Did I mention how sweet he is?????