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Images Of Life { Atlanta Georgia Children’s Photographer Becci Photography}

September 21, 2010

How much is this going to cost me?

I know, I know this is a question that is bound to come up.   The follow up question is “What are your memories worth?”

Think about it .   Our parents took us to JcPenny, Sears,  some to Walmart. But when you go back to the pictures of you as a child do you  love the image in the studio posed perfectly as much as the one’s taken of you :

Playing and giggling with dad?

The one of mom kissing you on the forehead?

The one of you and the family cuddling on the couch?

How about the big hug with your favorite dog?

Those are the ones you cherish . Those are the memories  you think back to.

My favorites as a child are :

My mom laying with me in bed as a newborn.

Me on my dad’s shoulders about 9 months old,  grinning the biggest open grin smile ever , all the while I’m pulling all his curly hair out!

Me on my pony Stormy at age 3.

Me in the turquoise blue kitchen with my Grandpa( I love that man) and Sissy the chocolate little poodle.

Me feeding my mom a carrot from the garden  in the yard at my grandparents farm.

Me and my Grandma as she read the “Tall Book of Mother Goose Rhymes” while I laid in her lap .

Me and my cousin drinking Tab from the short cans!

Why do I love these??

Because I got to see how I was loved. The little things that make us happy as children. Seeing what my family looked like when I was little. Seeing that I was cute and at one time didn’t have curly  hair!  That’s what I love .  My  glimpse of real life as a child.

Wouldn’t you like your children to remember how they were loved?  I want to capture those images and capture real love  . The images they will remember 20 years from now.

How much is that worth to you? How much would you pay for your child to never have to wonder how they were loved?

For me and the families I photograph for  it would be worth anything.

My little box of memories

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  1. September 23, 2010 10:19 am

    I love this post 🙂

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