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Read To Me Before Bedtime ……………Amazing Ipad & Ipod App. { Atlanta Children’s Photographer}

September 3, 2010

I really am amazed at all the new apps that come out for the Iphone & Ipad.  I really don’t have time to look at them all  but today as I was checking email and charging my iphone I saw a glimse of  A Story Before Bed app. I thought I’d take a quick look and think this is such a cool and unique idea!

What this app allows you to do is download childrens books to your iphone, ipad, & ipod . It looks like a real book page by page  . Your thinking … We’ll what makes it even better is that you can record  a little video in the corner of you or some other loved or admired reading the story t your child. This is on screen so the child see’s & hears the person reading the book to them as they “read” the book too!  It’s your video and your voice reading the book page by page!

You can sort the books by title, publisher, age,  or length. Another way to find a book is by sections like adventure, Classics, animals, ABC’s, and others.  You get to preview the book before you purchase it and create your recording if you choose. Either buy by the book or a mega deal at $29.99 for the whole year.

I think this is such a great idea!   Especially for Grandparents who can’t be close or parents that are in the Armed Forces. YOur child can play the book anytime and see close members they miss ! I could of used this years ago when my husband was traveling for work. We would record his voice  on the miniture recording tapes to play back a favorite book he would read to my son’s.

I think this is one of those purchases that is just priceless and an experience that can’t be replaced!  And of course don’t forget the kiss goodnight either!

Check it out  A Story Before Bed Time or the app HERE

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