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Being Smart in the Sun this Summer ….

July 28, 2010

Are you trying to figure out which sunscreen is the safest for your baby and children?  I have found even when a product says it is “safe”, “organic”, or “natural ”  does not mean it doesn’t contain other carcogenic ingredients, or provide the best protection.

While looking at a list  of  the  Evironment Working Group site ,  the top of the DO NOT use list would be Banana Boat Baby Max Protection SPF 100. You would think… max protection right ? This must be one of the best  and I am protecting my baby! Well , it turns out it is great at blocking the sunburning  UVB rays but  not the deep skin damaging  UVA rays that cause cancer and premature aging.

You can also check out the best choices for sunscreen like Badger or Blue Lizard to name a few. Check out the list here for safer sunscreens for the children and you!

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